Social Media Video Production

Video production for social media is becoming more and more popular. It is an art form that can make even the most static products come alive or it can make a complex product seem simple. What is your product and how can it benefit from video production?

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How Do We Create Social Videos?

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In order to create a powerful video, it is important to tell a good story. People are drawn in by a good story. They can relate to a video that tells a story because it enables them to see the benefits of the product. Having a good story in a video makes it personal and easy to relate to.

Effective video production for social media needs to be short and quick. It needs to be easy for people to watch and stay focused on. With this information in mind, it is important to know what to look for in a good video for social media.

What to look for in Social Media Videos

When it comes to social media video production, there are a number of things you should be looking for. A video is a powerful tool, so it's important to have the right video to have the desired effect. For social media video production, this means things like making sure the quality of the video is high, that the video is repurposed to share on different social media platforms, and that the video aligns with your brand.

A high quality video will come across as more professional. It's also easier to share online. There are a number of reasons why a video might turn out to be poor quality. Camera shake, shaky footage, poor audio or video compression can all have a negative impact on the video. Video production specialists will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to produce an excellent quality video.

Once video content has been produced for social media it's best to be sure that the video content is optimized for the relevant social media platform. This includes aspects such as video length, size, resolution, etc. Just as important as the type of content selected, is the intent of the content. The content should be aligned to the company's marketing goals and objectives.

15-30 Second Videos

This is the optimal length for most social media videos because it keeps the promotional message under the attention span of the viewer. If you want to engage with your audience and provide them with the information they need, you need to give them a focused and succinct message that doesn't distract or confuse them.

Social media in general has changed the way we communicate and it has become essential for businesses to provide their audiences with the information they need as fast as possible.

The Business of Social Media Video Production

Many businesses and organizations are turning to social media video production as a means of engaging and connecting with their audiences online. With the global increase in the number of people who own a smartphone, and with nearly half of them utilizing their device to watch video on a daily basis, social media video production is more important than before. Speaking to such a fragmented and mobile-heavy audience can be difficult, but social media video production is the perfect solution.

Social media video production, whether for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any of these messaging apps, provides a variety of opportunities for a business or organization to reach a wider range of potential customers. From a marketing perspective, a company can create a promotional video with a group of executives talking about the business or their latest product, or even an owner giving her own testimonial on how they changed the world. From the perspective of customer service, customer videos might provide emotional support, encouragement, or even motivation.

You have the option of delivering the products to our Sydney based studio, or we can organise to film on location.

Based off the products or service, we will script it for approval, organise the shoot, and deliver a video in all the relevant formats

Video has constantly been proven across all medium to increase leads and online sales, not matter the industry.

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We know that not every product or service requires the same type of video. Having created from everything from accountants to not-for-profits, we work with your marketing team to make sure our productions match the look and feel you require.

Video Pricing Plans

All video options include script writing, presenter and studio time.

One Time

For those that need just one video done quick.

One 30sec Video
1:1 & 9:16 Output
No Revisions

10 Pack

Perfect for a month's worth of ads and social content

Ten 30sec Videos
1:1 & 9:16 Output
1 Revision per Video


For When 30seconds is not Enough - 10 Video Pack
Ten 60sec Videos
1:1 & 9:16 Output
1 Revision per Video

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